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I approach your writing with great respect, listening deeply to find what is most needed in the moment. We can work together on individual essays or book manuscripts, or I can serve as a guide to help you generate new work. I’m also happy to set up customized workshops for your writing group.

For Individual Essays

$500: for an essay of up to 5000 words. This rate includes both big-picture and line edits (via Track Changes), a letter summarizing my thoughts and suggestions, and a follow-up conversation on the phone or over zoom.

$300: for an essay of up to 5000 words. This rate does not provide extensive written comments or line edits, but it includes a conversation to go over my thoughts and suggestions.

For Book Manuscripts

$2500: for a manuscript of up to 50,000 words. This rate includes a close read with written comments on the manuscript (via Track Changes), big-picture editing (highlighting prevalent themes, moving things around, cutting/adding), some line editing, and a detailed, written letter followed up by a phone or zoom call. We can also discuss publishers and a submission plan.

$1500: for manuscript of up to 50,000 words. For a less detailed response, I closely read through the manuscript and make notes on big-picture issues, such as prevalent themes, structure, and revision strategies. We have a phone or zoom conversation where I go over my responses with you, but this rate does not include detailed written comments or a detailed letter.

Follow-up Calls, Emails, or Revision Review

Each consultation includes one follow-up email/question within a month.

Additional follow-ups cost $100 per hour, including review of revisions.

Custom Projects

Contact me to discuss other coaching or workshop arrangements:

Payment accepted via Venmo, check, or direct bank transfer.

I’m very happy to work with you!

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