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The Fourth Genre
The Fault Lines of Memory

Speculative Nonfiction
Things that Glow

The Poetry Review
A Flock of Hummingbirds is a Glittering

The Sun


Five Poems

Tupelo Quarterly
Dust (poem)

Psaltery & Lyre

Sweet: A Literary Confection
Terminal; That Doesn’t Count; and Coyote (poems)

Jet Fuel Review
Braid; Choose Your Poison; and Waiting (collaborative essays with Lee Gulyas)

Passages North
Still Life (collaborative essay with Lee Gulyas)

Lunch Ticket
Never (collaborative essay with  Julie Marie Wade)

Exercise (collaborative essay with  Julie Marie Wade)

Rappahannock Review
Heat Index (collaborative essay with  Julie Marie Wade)

Kenyon Review
Camera (collaborative essay with  Julie Marie Wade)

Sweet: A Literary Confection

Los Angeles Review of Books
Pregnant Pauses: An Essay/Review of Xylotheque by Yelizaveta P. Renfro

36 Holes

Mindful Magazine
Dirty Windows

On the Page
Getting Yourself Home

Superstition Review
I Need a Miracle